«Academician Umirbek Joldasbekov - statesman and public figure, organizer of science and education in Kazakhstan»

Academician Umirbek Arislanovich Joldasbekov is the First President of the Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Chairman of the Republican Party of Labor, First Vice President and Academician of the International Academy, Vice President of the Federation of Engineering Academies of Islamic States, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a full member of the Society of Engineers - mechanics of the USA, the International Academy of Environmental Reconstruction, Honorary Academician of the Engineering Academy of Pakistan and several CIS countries, laureate of the State Prize and Honored Scientist of Kazakhstan, awarded international Gold Medals V.G. Shukhov (Moscow) and Al-Khorezmi (Iran).


Academician U. A. Joldasbekov is a primary organizer of science and a prominent public figure. U. A. Joldasbekov headed the largest university in the country for 16 years, becoming the State University rector named after S. M. Kirov (later - Al-Farabi). Under his leadership, with his direct participation, the complex of buildings of the university campus was erected, the training of specialists for various industries, science, and culture was improved.

The activities of Academician U.A. Joldasbekov on the development of the engineering movement in the world under the leadership of the MIA, on his role in the development of science and raising the authority of the engineer, on the practical formation in the new conditions, should be noted that in all his major decisions he proceeded from his understanding of the world, science and scientific and technological progress, since he was a philosopher-scientist of a new formation, absorbed into the ancient culture of his people, and deeply understanding the processes of the scientific and technological revolution that are taking place in the world. World recognition of the Kazakh school of TMM, led by Academician U.A. Joldasbekov National Committee of IFTOMM and IUTAM.


U.A. Joldasbekov is the author of over 400 scientific works, over 70 of which have been published in the far abroad, as well as 12 monographs, 30 textbooks and teaching aids, has 126 copyright certificates and foreign patents. He was the first to create Kazakh terminology in mechanical engineering and wrote the first textbooks in the Kazakh language on the theory of mechanisms and machines and published for the first-time terminological dictionaries in the Kazakh language on TMM and theoretical mechanics for universities and universities.

U.A. Joldasbekov is the founder of the theory of mechanisms and machines in Kazakhstan. He created the fundamental foundations of flat and spatial mechanisms of high classes (MHC). Based on the results of scientific research in the field of the fundamental theory of the MHC, experimental and prototypes of fundamentally new lifting, grabbing mechanisms and manipulation devices have been created that have no analogues in world practice and are protected by numerous copyright certificates and patents. The scientific school formed by him occupies a worthy place in world science and continues to conduct research in priority areas.

Joldasbekov developed the fundamentals of the graphic-analytical and analytical theory of flat and spatial mechanisms and manipulation devices of high classes with one and many degrees of freedom, with the absolute and relative law of motion of the input link, taking into account and without taking into account the elasticity of the links, on the basis of which fundamentally new lifting, loading - unloading, clamshell, load gripping and handling devices.

Main works:
  • Theory of mechanisms and machines. Textbook. 2nd ed. Alma-Ata, 1978.
  • Dynamics of the four-color weft mechanism. Proceedings of the Congress on Solid Mechanics. Dresden, 1979.
  • Synthesis of high-class single-circuit mechanisms for coordinating the movement of two working bodies. Proceedings of the V World Congress on TMM. Montreal, 1979.
  • Fundamentals of the theory of high-class mechanisms. Lecture course. Sofia, 1982.
  • The theory of high-class single-circuit mechanisms. Proceedings of the VI World Congress on TMM. New Delhi, 1983.
  • Analysis and synthesis of mechanisms and manipulation devices of high classes. Varna, 1989.
  • Structural synthesis of high class flat lever mechanisms. Alma-Ata, 1989.
  • Structural and kinematic synthesis of flat lever mechanisms of high classes. Alma-Ata, 1993.

Students of Umirbek Joldasbekov

Academician U. A. Joldasbekov has trained 25 doctors of science and more than 100 candidates of science

From memories of the prof. M. Moldabekov « I can't remember a single case when he, being the rector of KazNU, refused to employ such graduates at the university. On the contrary, he met them with fatherly concern, found time for a personal conversation, and assess their preparation and potential».

Talgat BIGELDINOV, twice Hero of the Soviet Union
«... Yes, I'm well acknowledged with professor U.A.Joldasbekov since the '60s, when I was a student of construction-engineering faculty in Kazakh Polytechnic Institute, he was a vice-rector in it. As our experience grew, we noticed his teaching and leadership qualities, especially when he was in the position of rector of KazNU. The university managed to accomplish into the top list of the country. As a builder myself, campus warms my heart»
(From a speech during the election campaign of U. A. Joldasbekov in 1990)


In 1954 he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. A student of A. Yu. Ishlinsky.

In 1954-1958 he was an assistant, senior lecturer, dean of the Kazakh Chemical-Technological Institute in Shymkent.

1958-1962 - post-graduate student, assistant of the Moscow Textile Institute.

In 1962 he became a candidate of technical sciences.

In 1962-1964 - Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Head of the Department of Theory of Mechanisms and Machines, Dean of the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering.

In 1964-1970, Vice-Rector of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute.

1970-1986 - Rector of the Kazakh State University.

In 1972 he became a Doctor of Technical Sciences.

1986-1988 - Head of the Department of Applied Mechanics of Kazakh National University.

In 1988-1994 - head of the laboratory, honorary director of the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering Science of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1994-1995 - Chairman of the Committee on Science, Education and New Technologies of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1995 – the founder and the first president of the Engineering Academy, deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

Personal life

Of course, he loved his wife Maya Mikhailovna, with whom he met at the dawn of his youth and tied his fate in difficult years of deprivation, with a special love. After leaving school, the roads of the previously inseparable lovers parted: Umirbek went to study in Moscow, Maya went to Leningrad. Until his arrival at a new place, the savvy and active Umirbek successfully solves the problem that has arisen: he persistently intercedes with the leadership of the university and still seeks that Maya, who studied at the Leningrad State University, be transferred to the philological faculty of Moscow State University. From those days until the last minutes of his life, Umirbek Agha, in every sense, carried in his arms his dearly beloved wife, the unforgettable Maya Mikhailovna. A son was born in love - Skanderbek (1955-2016). Daughters - Bayan, Gaukhar.

«I will live to 99 ...»

From the memoirs of her daughter, Bayan Joldasbekova

Joldasbekov will live FOREVER

«I have erected an indestructible monument to myself… It seems to me that these lines of the great poet seem to be addressed to Academician Joldasbekov, who by the work of his whole life really left a good memory of himself...»